Fleshlight comparison review

23 января 2018
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Female meat is not always willing or available as one would like to have it. If you don't want to or can't cheat or if you don't have a partner, you need a replacement that comes as close as possible to real sex. Always only manual operation becomes boring in the long run fast and at some point one comes to the thought of getting a rubber pussy. In the past, many manufacturers of sex toys tried to recreate a vagina, but none of them were as successful as Interactive Life Forms (ILF).In 1998, the company launched a masturbator called "Fleshlight" on the market and outshone all previous rubber mushrooms. The ILF company developed a material called "Real-Feel-Super-Skin" which comes very close to the human skin and meat tissue in consistency, elasticity and elasticity. The material is so soft and elastic that it could not be used as a masturbator on its own. So the ILF product developers packed the "Real Feel Super Skin" material into a hard plastic shell (Fleshlight case) and created an ingenious connection between an extremely soft inner channel and a hard, stabilising outer one.The outer shell of the Fleshlight was deliberately designed discreetly and has the shape of a torch when closed. This allows the rubber pussy to be stored without anyone noticing what it is. The name Flesh + Light is derived from this as an allusion to the English word Flashlight = flashlight.A lot of time has passed since the development of the first Fleshlight and a lot of different models have been released. There are Fleshlight masturbators in a wide variety of different body openings and inner channels. The website Fleshking. com deals with this topic and gives the reader an overview of all available Fleshlight models and should help to find the right Fleshlight. In addition, you will find information on the care and correct use of Fleshlight and test reports on all Fleshlight internal structures.